Gulf Coast Morning with Kenzie

You have seen the Tropigal the Label tees, so let’s now meet the girl who makes them werk! Meet Kenzie: she is the official model of Tropigal the Label and our sis who is always in the mix. We love her bold wardrobe statements and down to earth viewpoints on life. She chooses to not focus on the opinions of others, is intentional and is naturally fearless towards whatever life throws her way. And did we mention she went skydiving last weekend? (..Need we say more??)

Without further ado, here is a glimpse into the life of the gal we already know and love! The breathtaking and beautiful, Kenzie Henderson. ✨✨👑



Instagram handle: @kenziehendersonn

Nickname: Kenny!

Age: 18

Hometown: Stockton, California

Coffee Order: Iced vanilla coffee with an extra shot of espresso

A dream I’m chasing: To simply be happy in all that I do!

Favorite Tropigal Shirt: Gulf Coast is the New West Coast Tee, easily

Tears of pure bliss: December 17th… I was accepted into San Diego State University. ❤️

Favorite thing about our beach: The sound of the waves. All dayyy.

Last text message sent: Let’s party

Always snackin’ on: Avocados

Favorite Film: Dazed and Confused

Staple in your style: My rings, always, and my gold hoop earrings

Kenzie’s Spotify:

Tropigal the Label is: stellar! It’s so chill hanging with my K gals, Kristie and Kohlie. Plus, it’s a local business in the gulf coast and I love being apart of it.



Written By: Kohlie Browning