Rev Up Your AM Routine in 3 Easy Ways

Is your morning routine on the rocks? Maybe it is unorganized, uninspired, you’re salty towards winter or you simply cannot stop pressing snooze? 😴 We hear you girl. Mornings are vital in prepping for the rest of the day, but they also can be a pleasurable experience to get you in the right mindset. Instead of feeling tense and tired, try something new! Here are three easy ways to rev up that AM routine…

1. Find your phone a new home. Sleeping with your phone on your nightstand is distracting and also an easy reach for the snooze button. After setting your alarms the night before leave your screen at least five feet away from where you are sleeping. Not only will you get a restful sleep, but you also will be up on your feet ready to start your day.

2. Toast and jamz. There is nothing more energizing than the smell of coffee brewing and a filling breakfast. Pour yourself a cup and put on some uplifting music as soon as you get out of bed. This will naturally stimulate your senses and you’ll feel inspired in no time. Throw it back to some Royal Throwbacks, a playlist we curated to go along with your new AM regime. We update and create new playlists on the reg, give us follow and we will give you all the new new and feel good jams to get you right where you need to go 💿 💿

3. Stretch and say yes. Give your body and mind a boost with a little stretch sesh. Here’s the catch, while you are doing a few cobras focus on all the tasks you want to accomplish today. Mentally walk yourself through meetings, assignments, reminders, even if it’s something fun, such as an afternoon of paddle boarding (now that’s a real stretch!). Close this moment with a verbal “yes, I’m going to rock this day”. This “yes” is a commitment to yourself that you can conquer today through Christ who gives you strength! Seriously, remember that. Speak life over yourself and do not forget to shavasana. 

Tag us in a morning candid wearing your comfy Tropigal the Label tee and share with us your one of your secrets for a successful morning. We will share both! We would love it to see you #tropitlikeagal. Just don’t spill your coffee on a white tee, my gal 💛💛💛


Tropigal the Label xo

Written By: Kohlie Browning