Four Hangout Fest Hacks

Throw up ya hands, it’s Hangout SZN. We know you have been hyped all year long for this lit 3 day fest, SAME GIRL SAME. ✨ While packing your neon bikini top and body glitter, here are four tips and tricks to help you gear up for the biggest music festival on the Gulf Coast!

1. Download the Official HO App. Partying at any music festival requires a huge level of planning, let’s be real! What better way to stay current than to have the official Hangout Music Festival app handy? With the touch of a button you can activate your admissions wristband, check the showtime lineups, find lodging, and even track your Postmates pickup? SAY WHAT. You won’t know it now, but this will be your best friend allll weekend long.

2. Work a fanny pack 💃🏾  Yeah, we said it! Music festivals are a pickpocket’s playground, a subtle fanny pack around the waist is the perfect prevention to this problem. Stash your prized positions, tighten the waistband and you’ll be smooth sailing and carefree as you dance all night to Big Gigantic, Khalid & Cardi B. 

3. Shuttle Pass, please!  There is zero official festival parking offered at this event, but not to fret, shuttle services will be available at all locations near the festival. You must purchase a shuttle pass in advance through the HO website. It’s $50 worth spending and will save you hours of time walking when you could be at the Roller Disco or the Puppy Kissing Booth having the time of your life. And YES, these are actual things to do at Hangout!

4. Go Local Loko ⚡️ Show some love to local artists as you spend your weekend on Alabama’s Orange Beach. Do not miss artists like Elley Duhé, Chika, and The Red Clay Strays (all Bama natives). If you are feelin’ a little over the big crowd scene, switch it up and hit up local favorites like The Gulf for the best oysters, drinks and an unreal view of our Gulf Coast sunset. Other fellow HO goers will probably have same idea (we all gotta refuel somewhere) and you can raise a glass to making new friends too!

Take a hot minute and also browse the HO website for more information about all things Hangout – we can only pack so many hacks in a single blog post, BUT to keep you amped we created the Hangout SZN, our take on alllll of the HO hits & favorites that will have you looking back on this Hangout being the best MEMS ever. 💥🌴💧🌞🍍

Tie up your Tropigal the Label tee, turn Hangout SZN up and you my friend are ready for Hangout Fest 2019! 

Tropigal the Label xo

Written By: Kohlie Browning