Four simple ways to help victims of Hurricane Michael

Last week Hurricane Michael, a Category 4 storm, crashed on to the coast of the beloved Florida Panhandle leaving catastrophic damage and over a dozen lives lost. It is with an aching heart, we share in the loss and devastation of our local people.

However, our love and support could not be louder. Let’s link arms and make an impact, together, to back our fellow Floridians. Here are four things you can do RIGHT NOW to help victims of Hurricane Michael. 

Give Blood

Donations of blood are always in high in demand following a natural disaster. It only takes 30 minutes to give and organizations, like Florida’s own One Blood, usually offer gift cards, like Starbucks, Target, etc. to all donors. Schedule your appointment today or just look for a BIG RED BUS.  

Financial Donation

Giving financially is one of the fastest ways to aid in hurricane relief, since we cannot all be on the front lines of serving.There are countless amazing organizations working hard to the Panhandle.

Samaritan’s Purse recruits volunteers and helps homeowners rebuild. Construction is their function!  

Clean the World Foundation is a Florida based organization who solely support in sending sanitation and hygiene products in emergency cases, such as the effects of Hurricane Michael. All the smell-good soaps do major good.  

Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida collects and distributes food and supplies to survivors. You can give non perishable items too.

There are many other wonderful organizations in need of your help, these are just a few to get you giving!

Keep the Conversation Flowing

Us as humans can be fast in forgetting things. We see the hurt, feel the pain, but it’s easy to quickly move on. Pin, repost, tweet, and talk about all that is happening in relation to Hurricane Michael relief. Celebrate and share even the smallest victories and continue advocating for those who cannot. Keep the conversation popping. Here are a few positive updates: Disney & St Joe have donated 1 million towards hurricane relief and there are thousands of people volunteering and rescuing DAILY!


Last but never least, pray. Our words are not wasted nor are they unheard. Let’s pray for empowerment, healing, and restoration over our people. Write ‘Panhandle’ on a post-it note and stick it on your mirror or door. May this be a reminder, prayer matters. We love our Florida home, let us lift up our community.

The winds and waves of Hurricane Michael have evaded our shores, but our friends who were within it’s path have not left our hearts. We are here for you. We believe there is hope for Florida’s Panhandle.

Tropigal the Label xo

Written By: Kohlie Browning