Spring Break Essentials: 5 Things you need Before Summer

Soooo, you’re halfway through this semester and Spring Break seems like it won’t get here soon enough! Midterms, all-nighters and all of those early mornings have left you wanting some sun, sand, and salty air to reset. (We are literally right there with ya.) Drumroll please…Drum on Apple iOS 12.1 We have the best news. We are single digit DAYS AWAY from #SPRINGBREAK2019! Yep, you heard right. And if not days, it’s only right around the corner. 🌴🌴


Here are a few things you will need to get your hands on for Spring Break before the summer craze!

  1. Accessories. Sunglasses, sun hats, you name it. Bring on the vitamin D ✨ Accessories can make or break an outfit, so stock up on your fave pieces! Dainty, gold chokers are so in right now, they really go with everything! Pair your fave pieces with a bold colored bikini, TGTL tee, or sundress. Look at it as your little introduction to Summer 2019. ✔️
  2. Tinted Moisturizer with SPF. No one likes wearing makeup to the beach, but if you still want a little coverage, go for a tinted moisturizer! Tinted Moisturizers help even out your skin tone without having that cakey, gross, 10-pounds-of-foundation-on-my-face kinda feeling. Don’t forget to grab one that includes SPF, so you can wear it on the beach and feel good about the skin you’re in. Because no gal needs sun damage either.
  3. Oversized, Round Beach Towel. I LOVE round towels because not only do they fit perfectly underneath yourself, a good book and a chilled drink in hand, but you don’t get your things covered in sand! What more could a girl ask for!?
  4. Your Gulf Coast Club Playlist. Your toes are in the sand, you have everything you need… what else would you be missing? You guessed it, MUSIC. Music can really make days 100x better and can set the tone for what mood you’re in. Be sure to have some jams on hand for all the adventures calling your name this S-B! Need some inspiration? We have some pretty bomb playlists curated just for you! No, seriously. Check out Gulf Coast Club on Spotify to spice it up. It will have you doing this little number: 💃💃
  5. Your Tropigal Tee. Of course! What better way to wear our classic ‘Destin To Be Here’ Crop than on the beach! Pair it with some denim shorts, tuck it into a simple denim skirt for a cute and casual date night vibe, OR use it as a cover-up after you dip into the beautiful blues of the Emerald Coast. Whatever way you wear it, you’ll be crushing it sis.


Whether you are spending Spring Break on the Gulf Coast or having a staycation this year, these 5 things are sure to help you have fun and feel good while doing it! Be sure to include #tropitlikeagal on and tag us in all of your S-B pics wearing Tropigal the Label. We can’t wait to see how you style your tees this Spring Break! 🍉💙

Tropigal the Label xo

Written by: Chloe M.